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We’re Soundplate and we built the link you just clicked.

Thousands of incredible artists like Pastures use Soundplate Clicks to share their music with their fans.

We give fans the power to choose where to listen and give artists a whole load of handy data and marketing power.

Fancy creating a smart link for your song? Of course you do- it’s free!

Share your music with one link. Let your fans choose where to listen.

Soundplate Clicks music smart links support all major music platforms.

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  • You can create a custom link to send your fans to your music on all major music platforms.
  • Get valuable insights about your fans.
  • You’ll be in great company. Thousands of artists like Pastures use Soundplate Clicks to create smart music links, pre-save campaigns, build artist pages and more. Join them!
  • Advanced features like re-targeting, email data collection & more available.
  • Did we mention it’s free to get started?
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We’re Soundplate - an independent music and tech company. We love music and work hard to help independent artists find success in the industry. As well as running our own record label, we build tools to help artists like you make it big. If we’re not listening to music, we’re talking about it - come and chat to us at soundplate.com!